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How we provide Free Betting Tips

The Free Betting Tipster has been making sports betting predictions for 25 years. Across the sports we focus on, we have consistently delivered betting profits to our clients. Although we are specialists in spread betting (with over $0.5 Million tax free winnings), when there is value to be had in fixed odds markets we will also offer tips and opinions there. Our success in using statistical techniques and data analytics gives you the edge that is required if you are to beat the bookmaker. As you navigate our sports tipping pages you will be given insight and access to the tools that we use. As a measure of the respect we command from large fixed odds bookmakers and spread betting companies, we have been invited to meet several of them over the years where they try (unsuccessfully) to unlock the secrets of our accurate predictions, picks and betting tips.

Which Sports do FBT offer Tips on?

You will find other tipping sites on the net that profess to offer “Great tips for all sports”. At FBT we prefer focus. Our sports are carefully chosen because we understand them, have solid historical data, real-time news feeds and 25 years’ experience in trading them. We therefore limit our service to Football (Soccer) Tips, Cricket Tips, Horse Racing Tips, Golf Tips, Darts Tips, American Football ( NFL ) Picks and Major League Baseball ( MLB ) Picks. We apologize if there are sports outside of these that you would like to trade, but unfortunately, if we can’t offer an edge we won’t include it.  That’s not to say they won’t be included in the future, it’s just that if we can’t offer anything better than ‘pure chance’ we can’t offer any rational value.  Additionally, FBT is not a news site, as we have far too many sports to cover. However, we will link to other sites we believe are useful such as ESPN for Soccer, Cricket Archive for Cricket, MLB.com for baseball and NFL.com for American Football etc. but our goal is to get you to our tips as fast as possible, as time is often of the essence to get optimal prices. Therefore, we focus on the efficiency of our tipping process which is explained in more detail on the individual sports pages but a summary can be found below:

Tipping Process

Why are our betting predictions superior?

Our success is directly influenced by our client’s bet success. It is for that reason that our picks and tips are carefully selected via a process of statistical analysis and research. As you navigate our individual sports tipping pages, you will be able to see the “rules” we follow to ensure that emotion, guesswork and ‘gut feeling’ are stripped from the decision-making process. As a result, our predictions are formulated in such a way that the balance of probabilities always lies in your favor. Of course, we cannot be right every time, but the secret is to be right more often than wrong and to ensure staking policies are consistent and rational. You will find a host of sports tipping sites on the internet, but few that are run by professionals holding first class degrees in engineering, psychology and MBAs …… with all the quantitative analysis that entails. 

Our Mission for Sports Betting Clients

One of the challenges of sports betting is that bookmakers rarely get the odds wrong. Usually, the odds are heavily loaded in their favor. However, with the vast array of sports betting markets now on offer, there is a lot of work involved in keeping their prices up to date and accurate. At FBT, we identify gaps, weaknesses and errors that can be exploited for profit.  We provide ‘red alerts’ for markets to be avoided, i.e. those that are so heavily weighted in favor of the bookmaker no-one can really ever win. As you navigate our individual sports pages you will become familiar with our “rules for profit”. It is vital to understand these guidelines if you are to succeed in beating bookmakers and spread betting companies with informed predictions. Besides profit (which of course we love at FBT!) there are other, more intangible benefits we like to bring our clients. In play entertainment is key of course; how much more exciting is a football match when you have something riding on it and the more you’re right, the more you win? We also share some of our most famous ‘betting stories’ with our clients…… both successful and unsuccessful!  The key however, is to give our clients a framework to succeed at uncovering value and beating the odds, that is how our service and site are structured.

What FBT offer via our sports tips

At FBT we like structure. Structure in the way tips and forecasts are constructed, structure in the way bets and stakes are formulated and structure in the way we present that information. Each of our individual sports betting pages is built to give you immediate access to tips and predictions in real-time. On occasion, the timing of our tips will be critical, particularly when the event is imminent or already “in play”. These in play opportunities will therefore also be disseminated via our Twitter feed to ensure you have maximum opportunity to engage. In addition to informed predictions, each FBT page will also provide:

  • Betting Explanations and guides specific for each sport
  • Useful resources such as historical data and useful betting research sites by sport
  • Research training – i.e. how to construct bets and predictions using the available tools/sites
  • “Red Alerts” including markets and bets to be avoided, companies to be avoided and even how to get your partner involved! 
  • “Bed-time Stories” – some of our greatest bet successes (and failures!) which can actually be useful for learning, as well as highly entertaining
  • How and where to open the accounts with the best providers and any special promotions or offers they are running

Understanding the tips process:

Whilst we endeavor to give out tips on a daily basis there is a key rule that needs to be understood by all our clients. That is; if there is no betting value on offer, on a given day for a given sport – we will not tip. Sites obsessed with driving traffic, affiliation, advertising and pay per click revenues might adopt that approach, but quite simply we won’t. The content you find on our site is there because it places the balance of probabilities in your favor.  Your success is crucial not only to our reputation, but also our longevity. We therefore recommend a ‘Maximum Stake’ as one of our key betting criteria. This not only protects clients from outliers and volatility (particularly relevant for spread betting) but also means that our service retains its rationality, i.e. if you avoid over staking on a particular market, then in the long run you will be in a better position to succeed. It is extremely important to understand best and worst-case scenarios with respect to any given market. This informs staking policy and helps you understand what you can afford to lose. This takes us on to some necessary disclaimers…..


As with all bet predictions we are participating in “games of chance”, therefore please read our disclaimers and T’s & C’s and appreciate that there will be times when we call a market or event incorrectly.  This is the nature of fixed odds and sports spread betting. However, as stated earlier, our reputation depends upon your success, so what you receive from FBT is a genuinely reconciled and informed forecast where we will openly share our methodology with you. With that said, please explore our individual sports pages and give us a try. You can even play with ‘imaginary bets’ to see how we perform, before trading yourself. We hope you find our site informative, profitable and above all entertaining…. happy trading!