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For more information on our Cricket tips process you can visit our Cricket Betting Guide and Cricket Tips Resources pages.

IPL Betting Tips

Although the 11th edition of the IPL has now concluded with Shane Watson leading the Chennai Superkings to a triumphant return, the 12th edition of the most exciting tournament in the World is already being planned for March 29, 2019 to May 19, 2019. As the tournament gets closer, FBT will be on the money with our tips for the tournament for both Spreads and Fixed Odds markets…… watch this pace.

Free Cricket Tips Frequency

For UK Cricket markets tipping frequency will typically be seasonal, with most of the County Cricket action taking place from late spring to early Autumn. However, the England team often tour in the Winter months so FBT will still be providing Free Cricket Betting Tips during the long winter nights. Nothing quite beats being tucked up under the duvet listening to the buzz of a Melbourne Test or watching the sights and sounds of the Caribbean with a good Bet underway.  Also, with T20 Cricket tournaments sprouting up everywhere around the globe there is usually somewhere the likes of Brendon McCullum can be found smashing the ball out of the Park. The CPL (Caribbean Premier League), Big Bash (Australia), IPL (India), The T20 Blast (UK) and even South Africa coming on stream, high quality T20 cricket tips will be available to our clients pretty much the whole year round. As always, whilst FBT will try and refresh content as regularly as possible, we will only provide Cricket Betting Tips when there is a defined advantage and rationale or exceptional odds value. Therefore, please don’t expect Cricket Tips to appear for every match, every week. Being selective is what makes us different to other tipping sites who will post anything to drive site traffic, our goal is to only provide the most informed cricket predictions not the highest quantity. We want you to come to our cricket pages daily of course, as well as provide us with feedback that we value, but Cricket Betting Tips posted on have followed our tipping process that you will find referenced throughout the site. This allows our online cricket betting tips to be defined by quality rather than quantity.

Cricket Prediction 

When a FBT Cricket prediction is offered, we separate them clearly into one of two categories; either Spread Betting or Fixed Odds. For example, if the event is a Test Match, we will give details of the game, the type of bet (i.e. team total runs prediction ), whether it is a spread or fixed odds price and the actual price at time of posting. Please note, as conditions change, team news is announced or more people bet, prices will tend to fluctuate (FBT often move spread betting prices with a single free cricket betting tip), so please understand that our cricket tips are offered on a best endeavors basis as far as prices are concerned. If the odds differ from what we have posted, it is our client’s responsibility to determine if the adjusted price still represents value. This is why visiting today cricket match prediction page as regularly as possible will yield best real time results. For example, some advanced prices can be spotted days ahead of a Cricket Match, so if you want to benefit from the odds we post for a free cricket betting tip before they move, you must act on them accordingly. 

IPL Betting Tips

Whilst you will notice that our service has a comprehensive UK section to take account of England’s strong county cricket scene, we also recognize the global nature of the sport and with more test nations coming on stream, along with more regional T20 tournaments, we will often offer a cricket prediction or free betting tips for these Global matches also. The Indian Premier League ( IPL ) is a great example. With over 60 IPL matches crammed into a 6-week period, betting opportunities abound. Free cricket betting tips will be provided for the IPL where we feel there is value. With so many markets available on these matches for both spread and fixed odds betting, there is usually something of value to exploit. To that end, we will include all leagues where interest is global. If you want to find out more about the IPL and keep up to date about news for next years’ tournament visit 

Spread Betting Cricket Tips

In addition to one off matches, FBT also offers longer term tips on groups of games, i.e. an entire test series.  From a spread betting angle this might be the number of Wides in a 5 test series, number of sixes hit or even the number of batsman ducks! What you can be sure of, is that we will have researched the venues of the matches, historical results and team news.  More about our research process will be covered in our Cricket Resources pages. Typical markets for one-off matches might include an individual batman’s total runs, match supremacy or fixed odds or team total runs etc. At face value these markets might seem rather ‘un-scientific’, in that we are not always making cricket predictions about who will win matches necessarily, just that certain events may occur with the game. Rest assured that these predictions have all gone through the FBT research cycle and process. That is to say we have, as an absolute minimum, used statistical techniques such as regression analysis to load the odds in your favor. We study past results at a given venue, prevailing weather information,  advanced pitch information when we can get it (absolutely CRITICAL) and team news.  The beauty of this methodology is that more often than not it’s not about who wins, just that certain events occur across a match or group of games. This is a lovely way to bet, providing both excitement and entertainment but without the stress of picking the winners.

Today Cricket Match Prediction Tips

FBT offers a completely free cricket tipping service and a large proportion of our tools and techniques are openly exposed on this site. However, we stop short of publishing all of our information online as it has taken decades to accumulate and some less reputable cricket prediction sites will just use it to drive affiliate sales and advertising revenues. You can approach us directly with requests for more information and those requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Where we publish cricket, betting offers and promotions available on bookmaker sites, it is purely for information purposes and we take no responsibility for the content and working practices of those organizations. We will, from time to time, refer to other high quality sources of data such as ESPN’s cricket statistics archive . We do not pretend that we accumulate all of the stats ourselves (although we do have our own tools and resources), but we do openly admit using them to support the bet research phase of our tipping process.  There are a vast number of odds comparison sites where our visitors are able to research the best odds but our mission is not to compare odds, but single out anomalies that represent significant value in our favor. Whilst we maintain a free cricket tips service, we do ask in return that you share our site and tips with your friends via social media, as we want as many people as possible to benefit from our insights and beat the bookmakers.

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Summary for Cricket Tips

In summary, whether you are looking for today’s cricket match prediction,  tips for an entire test series or the Winners of the IPL, FBT is your primary source. You will find examples and guides on our other cricket pages, along with all the tools and sites you need to do research cricket tips on your own. To follow an old adage, we are not just here to give you a fish (or today’s cricket tip) we are here to help you ‘fish yourselves’ using our techniques, tools and resources…. then you will truly make sure that cricket odds are in your favor and that you are getting great betting value as well as cricket entertainment.