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Darts Predictions 

Professional darts popularity has exploded in the last decade and the schedule has blossomed into a global phenomenon. A new crop of young players means there is a continuous supply of challengers for the old guard and it eventually took its toll on king Phil who simply couldn’t compete with the new talent coming through. However, what Taylor achieved ( along with Barry Hearn ) to raise the profile of the sport cannot be underestimated. It has gone from a ‘backstreet club pastime’ to prime time TV. The relentless tour schedule, whilst more demanding for the players, opens up plenty of darts betting opportunities for punters like us. Once again, at FBT we recognize the statistical nature of the sport and how this opens up opportunities for us to provide some of the most accurate darts tips you will find anywhere. Interestingly, there is a disturbing lack of quality resources available for professional darts but at FBT we are doing our best to accumulate statistics that can support well informed darts predictions.  

Darts Betting Frequency

The two primary darts organisations are the PDC ( Professional Darts Corporation ) and the BDO ( British Darts Organisation ), each with its own schedule and premium tournaments. Darts Predictions and their frequency are obviously governed by this schedule, but with tour events almost every week there is usually at least one tournament to assess for darts betting value. The TV majors and darts premier league get most of our attention, particularly for the PDC, as the weekend tour events tend to be a little more unpredictable. The reason for this is that the leading players, who these days are largely financially secure, sometimes attend out of duty rather than desire. Barry Hearn’s structuring of the tour means that even the greats are compelled to attend to maintain their ranking positions. However, that doesn’t mean they are highly motivated when they get there. Ask Phil Taylor what he enjoyed least about the game towards the end and he will talk about long haul flights to Asia, Australasia and beyond. That is why care needs to be exercised with tour events and we prefer to focus out darts tipping where we know motivation is not in question. Therefore, please don’t expect Darts Tips to appear for every event, every week. Being selective is what makes us different to other darts tipping sites who will post almost anything to drive site traffic, our goal is to only provide the most informed darts predictions not the highest quantity. We want you to come to our darts pages frequently during the season of course, and provide us with feedback that we value, but suggested darts betting posted on FreeBettingTipster.com will have followed our tipping process that you will find referenced throughout the site. This allows our darts Tips to be defined by quality rather than quantity.

Darts Tips 

FBT’s darts predictions are separated into one of two categories; either Spread Betting or Fixed Odds. For example, for each event we provide darts tips for, we will give details of the match, the type of bet ( i.e. player supremacy, match 180’s etc.), whether it is a spread or fixed odds price and the actual price at time of posting. Please note, as more people place darts bets, prices will tend to fluctuate (FBT often move spread betting prices with a single free darts tip), so please understand that our darts tips are offered on a best endeavors basis as far as prices are concerned. If the prices differ from what we have posted, it is our client’s responsibility to determine if the adjusted price still represents value. This is why visiting our latest darts betting page as regularly as possible will give you the best real time results. For example some advanced darts prices can be spotted days ahead of a Match, so if you want to benefit from the darts picks we post before the odds or spreads move, you must act on them accordingly. 

Premier League Darts Betting

From early February we benefit from the PDC premier league darts tournament.  Initially on a league basis for 16 weeks, with judgement night relegation included, the tournament concludes with an all or nothing playoff finals night. With £250K up for grabs, there is no doubt about motivation here and FBT will always offer some kind of angle on the weeks fixtures. Our Premier league Darts tips are once again statistically derived based upon previous years, weeks and history. Each Thursday night there are 5 matches for which both fixed odds and spread betting tips will be available. Some of the more interesting markets for premier league darts betting include:

  • Total Match 180s
  • Highest Match Checkout
  • Match Performance
  • Checkout Ton-ups
  • Match Supremacy / Winner

Whilst there are few premium resources available for historical darts data, we do have http://www.dartsdatabase.co.uk to work with. This gives us rudimentary data about historical darts matches and whilst not comprehensive, it is about as good as you will find on the internet. We often use this historical data to underpin our darts tips.  To summarise, if you visit FBT’s darts tipping page on a Thursday morning during the premier league darts season there will generally be at least one darts tip for the evening’s schedule. 

Darts World Championship Betting

In addition to the premier league,  there are of course a number of other major TV events  throughout the year. The World Matchplay, The Grand Prix and Grand Slam are all prime time TV events, however, the jewel in the crown is the PDC World Professional Darts Championship over the Christmas and New Year period. Darts World championship betting offers some of the widest range of markets you will find during the year. The matches come thick and fast as will our darts tips. Our live darts betting and tipping service will often kick into real-time mode with darts tips fed out via our new twitter channel. That allows our clients to benefit from real-time darts tips whilst on the move.  World Championship darts betting will be a daily event over this period with darts tips appearing wherever we see betting value. 

What you can be sure of, is that we will have researched the statistics,  historical results and player news.  More about our research process will be covered in our darts Resources pages. Typical markets for one-off matches might include Total 180s, highest checkout, match supremacy or win prediction fixed odds etc. At face value some of these markets might appear ‘un-scientific’, in that we are not always making predictions about who will win matches necessarily, just that certain events may occur with the game. Rest assured that these darts predictions have all gone through the FBT research cycle and process. That is to say we have, as an absolute minimum, used statistical techniques such as regression analysis to load the odds in your favor.  The beauty of this methodology is that more often than not it’s not about who wins, just that certain events occur within a darts match. This is a lovely way to bet, providing both excitement and entertainment but without the stress of picking the winner.

Latest Darts Betting

FBT offers a completely free darts tips service and a large proportion of our tools and techniques are openly exposed on this site. However, we stop short of publishing all of our darts information online as it has taken years to accumulate and some less reputable darts prediction sites will just use it to drive affiliate sales and advertising revenues. You can approach us directly with requests for darts data and those requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on what we have. Where we publish darts betting offers and promotions available on bookmaker sites, it is purely for information purposes and we take no responsibility for the content and working practices of those organizations. We will, from time to time, refer to other sources of darts data such as http://www.dartsdatabase.co.uk as we do not pretend that we accumulate all of the stats ourselves (although we do have our own tools and resources), but we will use them to support the bet research phase of our tipping process.  There are a vast number of odds comparison sites where our visitors are able to research the best odds but our mission is not to compare odds, but single out anomalies that represent significant value in our favor. Whilst we maintain a free darts tips service, we do ask in return that you share our site and tips with your friends via social media, as we want as many people as possible to benefit from our darts predictions and beat the bookmakers.

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Summary for Darts Tips

In summary, whether you are looking for the week’s premier league darts tips,  a world championship darts tip or a forecast for the number of 180s, FBT is your primary source for informed data. You will find examples and guides on our other darts pages, along with all the tools and sites you need to research darts statistics on your own. To follow an old adage, we are not just here to give you a fish (or today’s darts tips) we are here to help you ‘fish yourselves’ using our techniques, tools and resources…. then you will truly ensure that darts odds are in your favor and that you are getting great betting value as well as premium darts entertainment.