Darts Betting Resources

Resources for darts betting research

As already discussed, high quality resources for darts betting guidance are relatively sparse on the internet. We have searched diligently for sites offering in depth analysis and results history, yet have only found one viable candidate: http://www.dartsdatabase.co.uk. This is why we have taken to maintaining databases of our own in support of our tipping process.  

Normally, we prefer to let others do the heavy lifting statistical tracking for us but in the darts world data is limited.  As you’d expect from FBT  – we dissect any data available to us in order to make our predictions.  Darts is one of the most rapidly growing sports on the planet and without copious amounts of data to work with we have to be very selective in what we advise to our clients. 

Tournament Analysis

As mentioned previously, we try and take data sources that are available to us, reconstruct the data and then work with it to make informed decisions. Let’s take Premier League Darts for example. As you will see from the extract below, we track a number of key data points from Premier League Darts matches: 


The breadth of darts betting markets on offer now means that our data is now more useful than ever. Bookmakers now offer options to be on the number of legs played, 180s, checkouts, missed doubles and match averages amongst many other markets. With a full history of premier league fixtures to work with, over many years, we’re able to make informed predictions based on historical trends – not just a gut feeling on the evening. If any of our clients have a request for Premier League Darts data we will provide it where possible. 

Our tracking is not limited to the Premier League. Below is an extract from the World 2013 World Matchplay:


If you look at the first column A in the above you will see it signifies the stage of the competition for that particular match (or row in the spreadsheet). The great point about our data is that clicking on that entry, lets say Row 27 L32 (Wes Newton v Jamie Cavern) we go directly to the precise data for that darts match. Therefore we have the ability to drill down on precise statistics for that game as shown below and courtesy of www.dartsdatabase.co.uk:


Although the data points contained here are limited in scope, they give us enough ammunition to attack many of the markets offered for both spread betting and fixed odds. This is how we are able to look at darts betting from two main perspectives. Firstly, we can look at individual players and make an assessment of their chances in a given match. But secondly, and in our view more importantly, we are able to spot general trends at particular stages of a tournament over multiple years. There are always trends, whether it is in the total 180s scored, doubles missed or checkouts. 

When this historical data is overlayed with the player’s form we have a powerful combination that informs our darts betting tips.. The database resources you see above are just a selection from one of many that FBT has constructed to track different facets of the Darts world. It is these resources that our clients are benefitting from when they use our darts tipping services. We are happy to share this inside knowledge, because if our clients succeed they are more likely to refer us to their friends and family and via Social Media, which is key to our growth. The point is, you don’t need to see the entire process or do  the work that we do, just simply benefit from the Tips! 

It’s not just about the profit!

At FBT we realize that people also bet for fun and that it’s not simply about the profit (although that helps of course). Therefore there are  other resources we’d like to bring to you attention. The PDCs own website is very informative with up to date details about the tour schedule, player new and even live scoring services. Unfortunately many features available from https://www.pdc.tv/ are only provided to subscribers. We don’t like paying for services of course but if you want the full darts treatment then there’s little choice.

We still recommend taking a look at their site however and judging for yourself. If you’re not near a TV or outside of a Sky/ITV broadcast region it’s a great way of keeping up to date with  scores. It does lack a comprehensive database of results and is therefore limited for betting / tipping purposes. Also, our library of darts data cannot be explicitly posted on our site because other darts tipping sites will use it for their  own advertising and affiliate purposes – not something we wish to promote. However, you are free to contact us with a question and we will try to help depending on the request. We do not make special offers or promotions or even try to benefit financially from our data – other than to underpin our tips. We are a service for the average punter and wish to remain as such. Visit our Darts Tips page now and get the latest entries – it could be the start of your profit making relationship with FBT. Happy darts Betting and Good Luck – our resources are your resources!