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To go alongside our Football Tips we’ve provided a Free Football Betting Guide and Football Resources page for a deeper insight into our tipping process.

Football Betting Tips 

Whilst FBT will endeavor to refresh our football tips as regularly as possible, we only suggest a free soccer tip when there is a clearly defined advantage, rationale or exceptional odds value. Therefore, please don’t expect soccer predictions to appear for every league, every week. Our selectivity is one of our differentiators and sets us apart from other football tipping sites who will post almost anything to drive site traffic, our goal is to only provide the best football tips. We want you to visit daily of course, as well as provide us with feedback that we value, but any soccer tips posted on have followed our tipping process that you will find referenced throughout the site. This allows our football predictions to be defined by quality rather than quantity.

Football Predictions 

When a soccer prediction is made, we will specify clearly whether the tip referred is for Spread Betting or Fixed Odds. For example, if the event is a premier league match we will give the fixture, the type of bet (i.e. BTTS tips), whether it is a spread market or fixed odds price and the actual price at time of posting. Please note, football odds do fluctuate over time as punters trade soccer markets and events (we have often moved spread betting prices with a single trade), so please understand that our football odds are offered on a best endeavors basis. If the odds differ from what we have posted, it is our client’s responsibility to determine if the adjusted price still represents value. This is why it is crucial to visit our football tips page as regularly as possible. For example, some ‘early bird’ football odds can be spotted days in advance of an event, so if you want to benefit from odds before they move, you may want to act swiftly in order to optimise. 

Soccer Picks – Global

Whilst you will notice that our service does have a European Football bias, we do not exclude soccer predictions for other Global Leagues. MLS Picks are gaining in popularity as MLS Soccer explodes in North America. With ex-premier-league stars making their way over to the MLS, interest betting on this exciting brand of football is peaking both in the USA and Britain alike. We’ve seen how the likes of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney have elevated MLS franchises to new levels, not only from their playing contributions, goals etc. but from their ability to raise the playing levels of those around them whilst improving defensive organization. To that end, we include football tips and soccer predictions for other leagues where interest is global, such as those in Japan and China where ex-pats and other foreign stars can often be found lining their wallets before retirement. 

Spread Betting Football Predictions

Some of our most common football  tips are for group markets, i.e. Total Goals for a given league at the weekend. The weekend football tips cover a group of matches, for example they might span the 10 English premier league matches played Friday to Monday. We may offer predictions on Total Goals, Total Bookings, BTTS and Win, Total Corners etc. At face value these might seem like ‘un-scientific’ soccer predictions, in that we are not making predictions about who will win games necessarily, just certain events that will happen over the range of matches. Rest assured that these football predictions have all gone through the FBT research cycle and process. That is to say we have, as an absolute minimum, used statistical techniques such as regression analysis to load the odds in your favor. We study referee’s ‘traits and statistics’, weather conditions (they affect corners would you believe) and also Premier League team news.  The beauty of this methodology is the majority of cases for our football tips we really don’t care who wins, just that a certain number of events occur across the group of games. This is a lovely way to bet, providing both excitement and entertainment but without the stress of picking winners – which is notoriously difficult in such a fiercely contested competition as the EPL where anyone can beat anyone on a given day.

Football Accumulator Tips

Whilst many of our football tips focus on individual events or group markets, our knowledge and analytics allow us to also offer football accumulator tips. As you will become aware, well-constructed Accas allow us to combine our best football tips for some low risk / high return opportunities. Of course, we want to differentiate ourselves from other football prediction sites so these will only appear infrequently (selecting winning football Accas is difficult as we’re sure you’re already aware: “there’s always one team that lets you down”!). For that reason, we prefer singles such as BTTS and Win bets etc. This takes away some of the risks.  

Free Football Betting Tips

FBT is a completely free service and a large proportion of our tools and techniques are openly exposed on this site. However, we stop short of publishing all of our information online as it has taken decades to accumulate and some less reputable organizations will just use it to drive affiliate sales and advertising revenues. You can approach us directly with requests for more information and those requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Where we publish football betting offers and promotions available on bookmaker sites, it is purely for information purposes and we take no responsibility for the content and working practices of those organizations. There are a vast number of odds comparison sites where our visitors are able to research the best odds with the standout being for soccer. Whilst we maintain a free service, we do ask that you share our site and tips with your friends via social media, as we want as many people as possible to benefit from our football tips and beat the bookmakers.

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Summary for Soccer Tips

In summary, whether you are looking for football tips for the weekend, or simply a football Acca for Saturday afternoon, FBT is your primary source. You will find examples and guides on our other football pages, along with all the tools and sites you need to do research on your own. To follow an old adage, we are not just here to ‘give you a fish’ (or a football tip in this case) we are here to help you ‘fish yourselves’ …. then you will truly make sure the football odds are in your favor and that you are getting value as well as entertainment.