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Why We love Statistical Golf Betting

As mentioned earlier, we love to use history at FBT, particularly when we want to avoid player predictions but still have fun and make profits on Golf. Take the Masters. Probably the ultimate golf major of them all. The pristine fairways & greens, colorful flower displays and history of the tournament make it the most sought after golfing prize  amongst the players.  We also love it at FBT because the history and stats we can work with. Take ‘Hole Performance Markets’ which are always made available for majors via the major spread betting companies. They will offer points based on the golfers performance at these holes such as 10 points per eagle, 3 points per birdie and nothing for a par or worse. They then forecast what the result will be over the four rounds by all of the field. So each time that hole is played across the four rounds will count towards the result. 

The great thing here is that we can not only see the full history of years gone by, but also take note of any changes to the hole and weather conditions etc. Take a look at the table below which shows hole statistics for the masters in 2015. What’s great here, is that we can just plug in the numbers and see what happened to the markets that year. In this example, we are looking at ‘Hold Disaster Indices’ where the companies offer 1point per bogey, 3 points per double and 5 points for anything worse than a double at that hole. By plugging those is (see the farthest right 3 columns) we can see what the make-up was for that year and then compare it to the current year. By doing this for multiple years and then averaging, we can get a feel for whether the current spread is too low, too high or just about right. We would only suggest a tip when there was a large anomaly between history and the current spread or when weather conditions put a buy or sell in our favor. This is why FBT is no ordinary service. We are using deep data analytics to ensure that what we predict is loaded in our favor. We are not about driving traffic – we are about driving profit for our clients.


Other Resources for Golf Betting

Whilst we would like to claim we do all the work for tracking golf statistics at FBT, quite frankly that would be a lie. We let others do the heavy lifting for us and the primary sources of date include: (our primary resource)!/2018/Carnoustie

That’s not to say we don’t work with that data, as you’d expect from FBT  – we dissect the data available to us in order to make our predictions.  Golf is still a statiscally driven sport with plenty of data available at an individual player level. The secret – in betting terms at least – is to work out what is useful for us and how we can apply it to the to the golf forecasting process. 

Our library of golf data is not explicitly posted on our site because other tipping sites may take advantage for their advertising and affiliate purposes – not something we wish to promote. However, you are free to contact us and ask for specific data points and if we have them we may share them with you depending on the requestor. We do not make special offers or promotions or even try to benefit financially from our data – other than to underpin our tips. We are a service for the average punter and wish to remain as such. Visit our Golfing Tips page now and get the latest entries – it could be the start of your profit making relationship with FBT. Good Luck with your golf betting – and remember our resources are your resources!