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With at least two UK race meetings held daily and sometimes many more, FBT will always endeavor to have well researched tips available for the next day’s racing on the evening before, but sometimes, on the day is better as the going will be known for sure. Because horse racing tips are the most sought after markets for our clients, we will have at least one spread betting and one fixed odds racing tip available every day and sometimes more where the research merits it. As always, we only suggest racing tips when there is a defined advantage, rationale or exceptional odds value. Therefore, please don’t expect free horse racing tips for every race.  We simply don’t have the resources to carry out ‘deep dive’ analytics for every race. However, using our historical data we will always do so at a race meeting level for spread betting (particularly useful for for their aggregate markets). Being selective is a key differentiator for us and sets us apart from other tipping sites who will tip on almost anything to drive site traffic, our goal is to provide the best horse racing tips, not the most.  We want you to visit daily of course, as well as provide us with feedback that we value, but anything posted on has followed our tipping process that you will find referenced throughout our site. This allows our horse racing tips to be defined by quality rather than quantity.

Horse Racing Predictions

As for all our tipping pages, when horse racing predictions are made, we will specify clearly whether the tip referred is for Spread Betting or Fixed Odds. For example, if the tip is related to aggregates for a meeting we will give the course, the type of bet ( i.e. aggregate favorites ), and clearly state that it is a spread. If it’s for a single race within a meeting we will give the fixed odds price at the actual price at time of posting. Please be aware, prices can fluctuate over time as punters trade markets and horses (we have often moved spread betting prices with a single trade), so please understand that odds are offered on a best endeavors basis. If the odds differ from what we have posted, it is our client’s responsibility to determine if the adjusted price still represents value. This is why it is crucial to visit our free horse racing tips page as regularly as possible. For example some ‘early ante post’ value is often spotted days in advance of a race meeting, so if you want to benefit from odds before they move you must act on them accordingly. 

Racing Tips Scope

You will notice that our racing tips service has a heavy UK, and whilst we do not exclude racing tips from the continent or North America absolutely, our horse racing predictions are governed by the data we accumulate. On occasion, we may offer a 3rd Party view on foreign races but until we accumulate the relevant statistical data from these regions we cannot stand by these racing tips as our own. Stateside racing is gaining in popularity in the UK, particularly with the advent of the  ‘ attheraces ‘ Cable TV channel (, but our own data is limited to the UK for the time being. To that end, we will only include racing tips from other regions when we are alerted by our 3rd party partners that something is worth exploring outside of the UK.

Spread Betting Racing Predictions

Some of our most common racing tips are for group markets either at a meeting or aggregate daily level, i.e. Total Starting Prices for a given meeting, or even total favorites for the day. For example, the spread betting companies offer daily aggregates for each meeting in terms of SPs, Favorite Performance, Winning Distances, Winning Card Numbers and Jockey performances etc. This is where FBT has a very strong history in rooting out anomalies or trends using statistical analysis, more on that later. At face value, our racing tips in this area might seem rather ‘un-scientific’, i.e. if the prediction is across multiple races  how can we have an edge on that? It’s simple actually, we have been tracking these aggregates for given courses over many years, taking into account the going, the weather and type of races etc. So, we are not  always making predictions about which horse will win the race necessarily, just that certain trends tend to occur at that course giving the prevailing weather conditions and type of races.  Rest assured that these predictions have all gone through the FBT research cycle and process. That is to say we have, as an absolute minimum, used statistical techniques such as regression analysis to load the odds in your favor. We use these historical trends under similar conditions to make an assessment of whether the spread is outside our normal tolerance levels. If it is, we might suggest a tip. The beauty of this methodology is that 9 times out of 10 we really don’t care which horse wins the race, just that a certain number of statistical events occur across the group of races (or meeting). This is a lovely way to bet, providing both excitement and entertainment but without the stress of picking winners – which is notoriously difficult when placing our faith (or hard earned cash!) in the hands (or hoofs, as it were) of an animal..

Horse Racing Accumulator Tips

Whilst many of our racing tips center around individual races or group meeting markets, our knowledge and analytics allows us to also offer solid fixed odds tips and racing  accumulators. As you will become aware, well-constructed Accas allow us to combine our best racing tips for some low risk / high return opportunities. Of course, we want to differentiate ourselves from other racing prediction sites so these will only appear infrequently (selecting winning Accas is difficult as we’re sure you’re already aware: “there’s always one nag that got out of bed the wrong side lets you down”!). For that reason we prefer racing singles generally or solid each way racing tips. This takes away some of the risks but of course reduces potential profits. 

Free Horse Racing Tips

FBT is a completely free racing tips service and a large proportion of our tools and techniques are openly exposed on this site. However, we stop short of publishing all of our horse racing analytics data online as it is an accumulation of many years of work and our competitive advantage. Some less reputable horse racing tipping sites would simply use it to drive affiliate sales or advertising revenues. You can approach us directly with requests for more information and those requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Where we publish horse racing betting offers and promotions available on third party bookmaker sites, it is purely for information purposes and we take no responsibility for the content and working practices of those organizations. There are a vast number of horse racing odds comparison sites where our visitors are able to research the best current odds but that is not what our race tipping service is about. Whilst we maintain a free service, we do ask that you share our site and racing tips with your friends via social media, as we want as many people as possible to benefit from our insights and beat the bookmakers. There are some premium sites available to supplement our data such as so feel free to visit them for more race data to compare and contrast with our views.

Classic Race Tips

In addition to the daily race tips and markets we post, there are of course several classic races throughout the year. Starting in March we have the Cheltenham Festival which includes the Gold Cup. Then in April we have Aintree and the Grand National and then we have the Derby at Epsom in June. Of course there are other big races such as the King George VI, the oaks, 1000/2000 Guineas and St Ledger all worthy of mention. As you would expect, FBT will be very active with horse racing predictions  around this time. As you will appreciate however,  providing solid Grand National Tips is a little like ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ with the random nature of the race meaning it’s simply an achievement to finish it. However, at FBT we go deeper and look into other markets such as winning distances or aggregate finishers – where history can tell us a little more given the prevailing going and conditions on the day etc. So whilst you’re checking out our pages for racing tips for tomorrow, keep these classics in mind as we will provide race tips and updates nearer the time when we have interesting information to share. 

Horse Racing Tips Coverage

  • Todays Horse Racing Tips (Any event on the day)
  • Racing Tips for tomorrow (Any tips on events we prepare a day in advance)
  • 2019 Grand National Tips – Tips and news updates for the 2019 Grand National Will appear here closer to April 6th
  • 2019 Epsom Derby Tips – Tips and news for the 2019 Derby will appear here closer to June 1st
  • 2019 Gold Cup Tips – Tips and news updates for the 2019 Gold Cup will appear here closer to March 15th

Summary for Racing Tips

In summary, whether you are looking todays horse racing tips, racing tips for tomorrow or even advanced info for the classics, make FBT your primary racing tips source, we don’t even ask you to subscribe!. You will find examples and guides on our other racing pages, along with all the tools and sites you need to perform racing research on your own. To follow an old adage, we are not just here to give you a ‘fish’ (or todays racing tip) we are here to help you ‘fish for yourselves’ …. then you will truly make sure the odds are in your favor and that you are getting value as well as racing entertainment.