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Resources for Racing Betting

In order to deliver racing tips, FBT uses a number of external resources and proprietary data files. It is this unique combination of historical data, real time news feeds and statistical analysis that allows us to arrive at racing predictions that are loaded in your favor. Whilst some of our tools and data is proprietary, much of the information we use to assess spreads and fixed odds value is openly available on the internet, it just may not be as succinctly organized as our databases. To introduce some of the concepts we employ to arrive at our best football tips we’ll look at some examples and how the tools are used. As we’ve said previously, history is a great predictor of future behavior in many walks of life – and racing betting is no different. 

Horse Racing Historical Course & Meeting Data

Key to applying scientific analysis is a deep understanding of historical events. As you will see from the database extract below FBT have been tracking race meeting variables every day for the past 8 years. We will take some time to explain this data as it is critical in order for our clients to trust what we do:


Firstly, let us explain the first 5 columns of the database. We have the track, the going on the day of the meeting, whether it is a day or night meeting, the type of track and whether it is flat or national hunt. So the first stage of our data acquisition process each day is to assemble this data for each meeting. The second stage of the process, shortly before the off, is to track the mid-point of the spread offered for each market  on offer. You will see these in subsequent columns for Double Numbers, SPs, Favourties and Winning Distances etc. Stage 3 of our process is to wait for each meeting to conclude and record the make-ups for these various aggregate markets. The fourth stage of the process is to record the delta between the mid-point of the spread and the final make-up. This tell us whether a particular market cam over or under on the day. These four stages are completed on the day of the race meeting, but the data is used further down the line. The fifth stage of the process uses data for a particular race course the next time there is a meeting at that course – this could be either the next day or some weeks/days later. We don’t really mind as the data is dafely stored. Let’s see an example of how we use the data.

Filerting and Pattern Matching for Horse Racing Profit

Lets take a look at this extract from our racing database:


As previously you see we track a number of parameters for each race meeting as well as the original spreads and final make-up deltas. Of course, weeks or months down the line when a meeting is on at a given course, what we really want to do is zero in on that particlar track and look for any trends that may lurk in the data to give us the edge on making a spread betting decision (or even fixed odds related markets). Therefore, the next step is to filter on that particular course – for our example let’s use Newmarket for which an extract is provided below:


As you can see from the above, we have now isolated the data for Newmarket over the late summer months. We can then total up each of the columns (now specific to Newmarket) and see if there are any consistent deltas or wide deltas that get our attention.  Look at the sub-totals highlighted in yellow. At first glance, there doesn’t appera to be any deltas from the spread that are statistically significant or to put it another way, FBT can find no obvious trends that would help us explore value in the dialy aggregate markets. So what can we do next to look for value? The answer is to filter at another level and in particular for the predicted ‘going’ at the race track on that day (probably the biggest influence of horse performance there is beyond training etc.). For the day in question,  we will assume the going is Soft at Newmarket. Look at the new extract below:


So now we are filtered on the precise racecourse and going on that day. A few patterns start to emerge now. For example, Multi-Mules (The Race Winners Number x Second Horses Number) is +229 over just 3 meetings – that we would suggest is sginificant. Secondly, Starting Prices are 30.8 over the three meetings. Maybe the softer going at Nrewmakert leads to more outsiders romping home increasing the SP make-up?  Maybe the ground is not so heavy on the outside part of the track so higher number horses prevail causing Multi-mules to be higher?  The point is, we’re really not too concerned with the reasons why these anomalies occur, moreover we are simply interested that they do – and how we can use them to evaluate a  meeting’s spreads on a given day. Imagine when our sample extracts 30 meetings worth of data for the prevailing course going and not just 3, then the results are even more statistically significant. That is how we arrive at our Racing Tips and we hope that process was not too difficuult to follow.

The spreadsheet resource you see above is one of many that FBT has constructed to track different facets of horse racing. It is these resources that our clients are benefitting from when they use our services. We are happy to share this inside knowledge because if our clients succeed they are more likely to refer us to their friends and family and via Social Media which is key to our growth. 

Our library of resources cannot be explicitly posted on our site because other racing tipping sites may take advantage for their advertising and affiliate purposes – not something we wish to promote, and unfortunately, we cannot share our racing database as it represents years of intellectual property that we have taken many hours to accumulate. We do not make special offers or promotions or even try to benefit financially from our data – other than to underpin our tips. We are a service for the average racing punter and wish to remain as such. Visit our Racing Tips page now and get the latest naps – it could be the start of your profit-making relationship with FBT. Happy Racing Betting and Good Luck – our resources are for your benefit!